National Team vs Einherjar Match Report

Exhibition2023 (Game 1)

Korinn Stadium, Reykjavík, Iceland

Seahawks National
Reykjavik Einherjar
16 - 28
Final Score

The Seahawks National team lined up against Reykyavik Einherjar in Iceland this past weekend in the impressive Korinn Stadium.

The Icelandic side were the first to score and enacted two scored on the Seahawks in the opening quarter before extending their lead further 21-0 in the second. Echoing the slow start in Montpellier, the Hawks offence began to click and Oli DeRuyter made good work out of receivers Deivydas Merkelis and Ryan Wakeling, whilst Craig Owen made some yards on the ground. DeRuyter found debutant Ryan Wakeling for a debut Touchdown to reduce the deficit, before hitting up Wakeling’s Scunthorpe Alphas team mate Lewis Truman for a 2 point conversion to bring it back to 21-8 at the break.

On Defence, the Line were finding joy with Ends Danny Barnes, Steve Sowerby and Evan Allen causing multiple problems for the Einherjar OL. In the back field, Joe Canseco, Birkan Parlar, Tom Hyne, Ikechi Apakama and Jonny Hodgson made big plays.

The Seahawks began to rally and American running back Justin Ellis broke through several tackles and was able make yards on the ground that would eventually set up another scoring pass from DeRuyter to Wakeling, as well as snatch the 2 pointer to reduced the score.

Einherjar would pull away again as they moved up to 28 points, but that didn’t stop several more resilient drives by the Seahawks, and with the Offensive Line completing a 3rd game without giving up a sack, was able to aid a late drive which culminated Craig Owen being tackled just yards short of the end zone on 4th down. The Defence dug deep and managed to get the Offence back out on the field one last time before the end but DeRuyter would through an interception to seal the victory for Reykyavik.

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