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We are part of the Schmyder family, a UK based American football charity tournament organisation who are behind the likes of the Schmyder Cup and the Slate Cup, the UK’s first Canadian rules game.

Yes, we are the officially recognised by the Principality of Sealand as their American football national team. Prior to setting the club up we had conversations with the Sealand Government who gave us their blessing and support.

We are always happy to receive coaching applications, these will be passed on to our Head Coach for his consideration.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also have a Europlayers account.

No, although the club and most of its players reside in the United Kingdom, aside from Exhibition Flag tournaments we do not compete or play our games in the UK.

No, the game we play are International Exhibition games and are not sanctioned by IFAF, so don’t expect us to be playing in the European Championships or World Cups just yet.

Funnily enough, you don’t have to be Sealandic to play for Sealand. We have players from a number of different countries.

Most of our players are selected by our coaching staff, or are vouched for by other members of the team. However when we are on the look out for new players we may post up on social media by advertising for roster spots. Don’t let this put you off, please get in touch to register your interest in playing for us at any time.

Give us nudge on any of our social media accounts or using the Contact Us form.

Reach out to us on Social Media or use the Contact Us form, we are happy to discuss any potential fixtures.

You may apply for a place on the team if you are an experienced player who was born before 1990.

The Seahawks are a club of travelling exhibition teams, that incorporates a 3-4 day football vacation with like-minded people twice a year, a focus on mental health and inclusion. Ever fancied playing abroad, earning an international cap, meeting new people and playing alongside or against a different quality of players? We do take ourselves seriously, but what’s football without fun?

We aim to play two games a year, we will normally sort these games by having one prior to the BAFANL/AFI season and one post season. Plans so far have seen these fixtures arranged in February and September. We will always look to work around our players availability so this doesn’t clash with the domestic season.

The Seahawks Organisation presently have 4 Adult (18+) teams representing Sealand; they compete at the adult level with the ‘National’ team, veterans level with the ‘Masters’, we also represent in the women’s game with the ‘Women’s’ team and finally we have a ‘Flag’ team competing at various flag events.

The Seahawks are a non-profit organisation, all our members fund their own trips from flights to accommodation. The club will always look to club together to block book Hostels for interested parties where possible, but it would be the responsibility of the individual to sort out their own trip.

No, we have no intentions of joining the BAFANL, all of our members currently play for teams either within this league or in other national competitions.

Sealand Seahawks