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The Principality of Sealand was formed by Prince Paddy Roy Bates and his wife Princess Joan of Sealand in 1967. The Bates family occupied the former Royal Navy Gun Platform – HM Fort Roughs after it had been abandoned following the conclusion of World War Two.

Fort Roughs was one of many Maunsell Sea Fort that were placed in the North Sea to fend off attacks from the German Luftwaffe as they approached the British coast. Lying 12 nautical miles from the Suffolk coast, Sealand became its own micronation and is described as the world’s smallest nation.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the Principality is now under the rule of Prince Michael of Sealand and continues to prosper to this day as a sovereign nation. The “Prinicipality of Sealand Seahawks American Football Team” were formed in the summer of 2021 by husband and wife Mike and Nia Ireland as well as Mikey Gray over a pint in Franklins Sports Bar in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The trio, who are veterans of the game in the UK, were travelling over to Belfast during the summer from England for the two Mikes to play for the NI Razorbacks and due to a fixture cancellation in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic had decided to hit Belfast town for a few pints of the good stuff.

The Seahawks can trace their original roots back to “The Thundering Herd” who were a British-based travelling exhibition team made up of players from the British and Irish leagues. The Herd had played fixtures in Iceland, Spain and Hungary, with the Seahawks now following the same principle.

So why Sealand? The founding members have long respected the prosperity and sporting prowess of Sealand, and have long followed the nations sport teams which has varied from curling, golf, athletics and namely the football (soccer) team, who have completed 13 fixtures and have been represented by actor Ralph Little and former Premier League players Simon Charlton and Julian Dicks.

On 19th February 2022, the Seahawks added American football to Sealand’s sporting history by beating the South Dublin Panthers 42-13 in Ireland. In June 2022 the Seahawks Flag football team competed for the first time, before the Masters team of over 35’s came in to action later in the year.

In 2023 the Sealand Seahawks are proud to bring a Women’s team into the organisation who will be playing their first game against the Lions de Bordeaux this spring.

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