Shehawks take the W against the Stings

Exhibition2023 (Game 1)

Municipal Soccer Field Pedro Escartín, Guadalajara, Spain

Seahawks Womens
Guadalajara Stings
1 - 0
Final Score

It had been 217 days since the Shehawks maiden voyage, and this time the adventure was taking the team to Spain for a Sealand double header to face off against the Guadalajara Stings.

The Shehawks were Game 1, and at the request of the hosts, there was to be no special teams. So with no kick off or punting, teams would start on their own 20 yard line. On 4th down if choosing to “punt” the opposing offense would start on their 20. All PATS would be for 2.

So with that decided, it was onto the coin toss. With a different starting line up, the Shehawks Captains made up of; Jess Guthrie #64, Hattie Mobbs #19, Souzie Shamu #97 and Layla Blake #37 walked out for the coin toss. Defense were taking to the field 1st.
A TFL by Shana McKnight #90 and an INT by Thomson-McAdam #1 on back to back plays to start the game, it felt like Defense was setting the tempo early on!

The INT put our Offense led by Sydonie Calvert #81 in great field position. However, a 1st drive plagued by errors, resulted in the Hawks QB throwing an INT on 4th and 20. Thanks to her speedy reaction to her error, she sped cross field and saved the pick 6. The Sealand offense walked off the field to regroup. Sealand Defence was back on.

Stings were first to reach the endzone after a long drive. A couple of gashing reverse runs, assisted by blocking with grip…. Allowed the Stings the edge, and saw them run free and clear twice but called back both times due to….. the aforementioned blocking with grip which this time was flagged!

Playing only 8 minute Quarters, Offense went 4 and out as the clock ticked to Q2. The running game was zapping the time. Stings offense started Q2 and a mobile Stings QB caught Hawks Safety Katy Ormiston #89 off guard, as she rolled right looking like she would put on the jets, only to loft the ball deep at the LOS, while her WR got away from DB Jem #1, catching the ball and taking it to the endzone for a TD. The 2PAT was good.

Offence was back on and with OL of Jess Guthrie, Emma Blizzard and Halley Savidge providing stellar protection, Calvert was only able to complete short passes to Jo Gustak #30 and Lisa Brown #86. The drive came up inches short and was forced to “Punt”.

Stings Offense on their own 20,1st down was a bad snap for a huge loss saw and saw them backed up. With the opportunity for a defensive score, DL brought the pressure. Tara Minto #92 got into the back field to force the fumble with IIse Van Standen #71 recovering for a Shehawks TOUCHDOWN!

Heading to Half time it was Stings 22 – Shehawks 6. A rousing half time speech by DL coach Evan Allan and Player coach Louie Saxton-Houston re-energised the weary Shehawks in the shade, away from the 28 degree Spanish sun.

An end of the half niggle turned injury saw a change of personnel with Jem Thompson-McAdam #1 now at QB. Jem passed to Gustak for a huge first down. Knocking down the door in Spanish territory however, Offense just couldn’t gain traction to pick up another 1st down.
Q3 disappeared in a flash. Both teams exchanging drives up and down the field. The Shehawks were finding a rhythm on Offense but coming up short, and Defence was chipping away doing their best to hold back the Stings, but they did pick up another score

Shortly into Q4, things got spicy. With the ball at mid way the Stings QB handed off on a Jet sweep, the runner broke free and was speeding to the endzone. Ormiston shed her block to make the grab on the player but she managed to get free, Sai Atker came in to assist but was blind side blocked out. The runner still on her feet dived towards a small gap up the sidelines only to be shouldered out by Van Staden.The stings player took issue with a hit close to the sideline and she turned and threw the ball at the Seahawks player. A flag for unsportsmanlike conduct, she was flagged again for swearing at the ref and ejected. Some on field scuffles and 3 Spanish coaches sideline warnings ensued.

Play resumed after several minutes, after lots of flags and referee discussion. With almost 30 penalty yards applied, Stings Offence were back on. Clearly frustrated and backed up, a pass was completed on 2nd down and the player turned to run. Chased down by the Hawks defense the player was initially tackled by the hair! (exposed hair is part of the uniform) The Spanish Head coach kicked off and sideline barged on to the field. He was flagged twice and ejected! With his ejection he took his team off the field and refused to continue the game effectively forfeiting the game and handing Sealand Seahawks Women’s Team a Win by technical default

MVPs on the day were QB Syd Calvert and Lineback Layla Blake

Huge thanks to the photographers on the day; @_dbiosca @mcruzcesteros and our own Chrissie McKee.

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