Master put another notch in the win column

Exhibition2023 (Game 1)

Municipal Soccer Field Pedro Escartín, Guadalajara, Spain

Seahawks Masters
Guadalajara Stings
34 - 6
Final Score

Following on from the Shehawks game, it was time for the Seahawks Masters to take on the Stings.

Captains Scott Spearink, Liam McNally, Garvin Yarde, Adam Jones and Stephen Hull went out for the coin toss and the Masters received the ball.

QB Brad Thompson and the Seahawks offence marched the ball upfield on their first drive, resulting in a perfectly floated pass from Thompson to receiver Aaron Wheatley to score the first touchdown of the day. With no kicker on the Masters roster, running back Jermaine Allen took the ball in on the floor to make it 8-0 to Sealand.

Guadalajara came out but with their first possession, D-lineman Ade Kamson made the first hit and McNally caused the quarterback to spill the ball, with the Masters picking up the fumble and causing the turnover.

A massive run up the field by Allen set Thompson up to zip in a laser to Wheatley for their second touchdown, Allen again taking the ball in on the floor for the 2 pointer taking it to 16-0.

The Stings on offence, the Seahawks defence was solid – the defensive line causing all kinds of problems, crushing the pocket and Kamson snuffing out the scramble after a bobbled snap, forcing them to punt the ball away.

Solid running by captain Spearink wasn’t enough, the offence turned the ball over and Guadalajara suffered the same fate on their next position, with them punting to the Masters and after the possession spluttered out, the Seahawks punted the ball back to the Stings.

Danny Jackson, all over the pitch at DB to smother passes, forced a floating pass which was intercepted by Simon Buckett after it hung in the air for what felt like an eternity. The offence took the field, but only managed a few plays before the half.

At the beginning of the second half, the defence came out firing and forced the Stings to punt the ball away. Captain Stephen Hull took advantage of the change of possession, running over players to make some serious yardage, though on the next play Allen spilled the handoff and Mike Ireland dove on it for the recovery, though the Masters weren’t able to score and eventually turned the ball over.

This is where their offence appeared to click, the Stings O made some great plays on the floor and in the air, though they weren’t able to make the points following a dropped pass.

Almost straight away, Thompson connected with his favourite target on the day, Wheatley, to get a TD and running back Sam Astley crashed the 2 points after to take it to 24-0.

The next Stings offence led to another 4 and out, Seahawks Chris Peel causing a sack on one play, then a tackle for loss on the very next play.

Captain Spearink experienced severe heartbreak as an amazing run, running people over, spinning and diving into the endzone was called back for a false start. The ball brought back, QB Rik Lowthion threw a lovely pass to captain Adam Jones, defensive player Steve Crosby smashing in the 2 pointer in what was his last game of a massive 300+ game career, taking the score up to 32-0.

The Stings offence appeared to struggle, though one player shone for the Spanish outfit, a name that Seahawks fans will recognise- Lord Steve Cox of the Seahawks National team, who had come over to play for Guadalajara due to being friends with several players on the Stings squad. Not only did he catch for some serious yardage, the ball was passed, knocked up in the air and caught by none other than Cox for the first ever TD against the Masters, scored by a Nationals player… 32-6, though the Stings were unable to convert the 2 point PAT.

The floodlights came on as the game went deep into the fourth quarter, the Masters QB threw an unfortunate interception and the Stings had the opportunity to get the ball back and put some more points on the board, though receiver TJ Ajayi came on to help the Seahawks D and score a safety to take the score to 34-6, this was the final score as the Seahawks ran the ball to kill the clock and secure the win.

MVPs on the day were linebacker Liam McNally and The Masters’ entire offensive line.

Huge thanks to the Guadalajara Stings for hosting such an amazing event with extra special appreciation going to Alejandro Altisent who put his heart and soul into the whole weekend and has been adopted into the Seahawks family, and has promised to come out with us on future tours.

Huge thanks to the photographers on the day; @_dbiosca @mcruzcesteros and our own Chrissie McKee.

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