Introducing the 2023 Sealand Seahawks American Football Committee

The Sealand Seahawks, a prominent American football team based in the heart of Sealand, are excited to introduce the dedicated members of their 2023 American Football Committee. This diverse and talented group of individuals is committed to ensuring the success and well-being of the team both on and off the field.

Mike Ireland

Club President

As the President of the Selaand Seahawks American Football Committee, Mike leads the charge in making crucial decisions and overseeing the team’s operations. With his passion for the sport and leadership skills, Mike is dedicated to guiding the Seahawks to victory.

Nia Ireland


Nia takes on the crucial role of Secretary, ensuring that all communications and administrative tasks run smoothly. Her organizational prowess keeps the committee’s activities well-documented and efficient.

Nick Benning


Benning manages the team’s finances as the Treasurer, making sure that resources are allocated appropriately to support the Seahawks’ goals and aspirations.

Oli DeRuyter


In the age of digital media, Oli takes charge of managing the team’s online presence and technology needs. Whether it’s updating social media, coordinating live streams, or maintaining the website, Oli ensures that fans stay engaged and informed.

Lizi Williams

Player Welfare

Player welfare is a top priority for the Sealand Seahawks. Lizi takes on the vital role of ensuring that the physical and emotional well-being of the players is upheld. Her dedication to the team’s health and happiness is indispensable.

Drew Anderson

National & Masters Teams Head Coach

Drew Anderson is at the helm as the head coach for both the National and Masters teams. With a wealth of experience, Drew’s leadership and strategic insights are invaluable in shaping the success of both teams.

Ian Fryer

Womens Team Head Coach

Ian Fryer leads the Women’s Team with enthusiasm and expertise. His coaching prowess ensures that the women athletes of the Sealand Seahawks receive top-notch guidance and training.

Chris Green

Flag Team Head Coach

Chris Green takes charge as the head coach of the Flag Team, bringing his expertise to the fast-paced and exciting world of flag football. His coaching skills contribute to the development of a competitive and skilled flag football squad.

Jonny Hodgeson

National Team Player Rep


Jonny Hodgeson serves as the player representative for the National Team. With a deep understanding of the team’s dynamics and player needs, Jonny is a vital link between the players and the committee.

Daniel Hewitt

Masters Team Player Rep


Daniel Hewitt takes on the role of player representative for the Masters Team. His dedication to the team’s success and his ability to advocate for the players’ interests make him an essential part of the committee.

Jess Guthrie

Womens Team Player Rep


Jess Guthrie represents the Women’s Team as the player representative. She provides a voice for the women athletes and ensures that their concerns and ideas are heard and considered by the committee.

The 2023 Sealand Seahawks American Football Committee is a well-rounded and dynamic group of individuals who are determined to propel the team to new heights. With their diverse skills and unwavering commitment, they are poised to lead the Seahawks to a successful and memorable season. Together, they represent the heart and soul of the Sealand Seahawks, and their hard work and dedication are sure to make this season one for the history books. Go Seahawks!

Sealand Seahawks